2000 Videos Now on Dula TV!

We now have 2000 videos on Dula TV, hopefully we can continue this trend and make it to 3000 (which we obviously will). I still remember when we first reached 100 videos. I just want to thank all our fans coming to the site and keeping it going strong (over 100,000 a month!).

Good luck everyone and enjoy the videos!

Very Important News From Hagerstown Maryland

cat remains in tree

HAGERSTOWN — A cat that got stuck in a tree in the Brandywine complex near Hagerstown Community College last week remained there Sunday night, said Lynda Dominick, who has been keeping an eye on the animal.

Dominick said she could still hear the cat’s cries Sunday. Monday marks seven days it has been in the tree.

Some groups have responded to the scene to assess the situation, including the Funkstown Volunteer Fire Co., which was unable to get the cat down.

— Dave McMillion

Yes this is a real post from an actual news site… source

Added a Submit Link Feature

Right next to about us there is a submit link feature. Not really pretty right now but it gets the job done. Submit a link and see if your video makes it on the playlist!

100 Video Shown on Dula TV!

We have had a total of 100 videos  on Dula! Over the coarse of 20 playlists… can’t wait until we get 100 playlists!

Upcoming Features Next Week 9/18

Currently we are working on the ability for users to rate the current playlist and we be able to use this data to make new playlists such as “most popular videos”, ect and use these in later playlists.

Welcome to the Dula TV blog

Decided to make a blog on Dula to showcase some of the new features on the site or just to give updates on anythign going down on the site. If you want to watch videos, go back to the Real Site.

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