Best of the Week 12/6

Every week we’re going to start picking a few videos we feel were the best of the week. Starting this week! (obviously) so here are a few that we thought were worth checking out.

First we’ll start with the “We got that B roll“, and to think I thought B roll didn’t get any better then this.

Next is a neat optical illusion with a dragon that stares at you.

and lastly you can never forget about The Onion, sadly to many college kids are getting stoked

And that’s it, let us know what you think, or if you though a different video should have been chosen.

2000 Videos Now on Dula TV!

We now have 2000 videos on Dula TV, hopefully we can continue this trend and make it to 3000 (which we obviously will). I still remember when we first reached 100 videos. I just want to thank all our fans coming to the site and keeping it going strong (over 100,000 a month!).

Good luck everyone and enjoy the videos!

100 Video Shown on Dula TV!

We have had a total of 100 videos  on Dula! Over the coarse of 20 playlists… can’t wait until we get 100 playlists!

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