Apparently Michael Jackson is Turning into Grimus


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  1. Marianne

    This is shit to me…I am a fan of MJ and i do not believe this @ all.

  2. Khampelf

    Uh, that’s Grimace.

  3. laura shaeffer

    This is Baba Papa from Europe! Look into the Baba family.

  4. Kyle Mourer

    That’s truly worth it to read, and does indeed make me wonder where to make sure going. I am curious can you supply some more information about this? I’m a bit puzzles to how this may all accumulate. My mate did identify last week, about the lines of what you are speaking about, yet it’s still difficult to believe.

  5. Georgiann Modrak

    Personally, I actually do like the name, I believe it’s type of neat. I believe it’s somewhat better to say. I do believe they’re being very consistent with many and that i correspond with them whenever the purchase price preceding the name.But, much like other things, we all have our own individual preferences. Each to his or her own, I say. What’s your decision?

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