Apparently Michael Jackson is Turning into Grimus


  • Marianne

    This is shit to me…I am a fan of MJ and i do not believe this @ all.

  • Khampelf

    Uh, that’s Grimace.

  • laura shaeffer

    This is Baba Papa from Europe! Look into the Baba family.

  • Kyle Mourer

    That’s truly worth it to read, and does indeed make me wonder where to make sure going. I am curious can you supply some more information about this? I’m a bit puzzles to how this may all accumulate. My mate did identify last week, about the lines of what you are speaking about, yet it’s still difficult to believe.

  • Georgiann Modrak

    Personally, I actually do like the name, I believe it’s type of neat. I believe it’s somewhat better to say. I do believe they’re being very consistent with many and that i correspond with them whenever the purchase price preceding the name.But, much like other things, we all have our own individual preferences. Each to his or her own, I say. What’s your decision?

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