Chuck Norris… Who Cares?

He’s just a ginger.

  • CJ

    Chuck Norris will smite you for this!

  • Sir Sadface Esquire

    Oh dear god, what has the internet done?

  • Naresomez

    Segata Sanshiro could kick Chuck’s ass any day.

  • mark

    “Segata Sanshiro could kick Chuck’s ass any day.”

    Possibly just one kick, but only if Chuck allowed it and it’d be the last thing Segata did on this earth.

  • BethanM

    OMG you better run and try to hide before he finds you cos he gonna mess you up, man!!

  • cats

    Hi! Can I, take some pics from your webpage for my school research work??

  • Noah

    Can I research you? I’m doing a project on people right before they die and you’re next on Chuckey’s list!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Roflcopterlolomgq1`

    THE ALL MIGHTY CHUCK HAS HEARD OF THIS BLASPHEMY!!!!!(if i was u i would probaly set myself on fire.less painful)

  • bob

    OMG what did you do you just suicided yourself man!

  • Chuck Norris

    Im coming for you.

  • Tailynn

    Wowza, problem sloevd like it never happened.

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