Damn, that dog is Tight!

This is most likely the coolest dog on the planet, even has a lamborghini… where’s my lamborghini!!

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  1. Chris

    Clearly photoshoped. Is arm looks like its an entirely different picture. Next time spend two minutes blending and shading…Jesus.

  2. bill


  3. wendy

    i just took a dump that honest to god smelled like cat shit – and i havent eaten cat food since 1991. i’m quite concerned about this, cause last time my boyfriend was kissing me, he pat me a few times on my lower back and i jacked my ass up in the air like i was in heat. am i turning into a kitten?

  4. Nagy Bence

    What? photoshopped?

    I really thought that this dog really bought a Lamborghini for a moment…

  5. juggla96

    swagger dog has swagger.

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