If Genders Were Absolutely Equal


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  1. shopped

  2. Second

  3. take that, bitch.

  4. Y’all are douches

  5. fifth

  6. HAHAHAHA! that is sweet! Also, it would be pretty awkward getting kicked in the box by a man in a thong

  7. how do you get your foot out?

  8. A challenge.

    It is awkward to be _______
    in the _______
    by a _______
    in a _______

    All lines must rhyme.

  9. Example:

    It is awkward to be cut
    in the butt
    by a slut
    in a hut.

  10. It is awkward to be droll
    in the race of your life with a troll
    by a long shot you will come last
    in a typical race with your arse

    owned by shcutz

  11. Shcutz that was shit.

    Its awkward to be gay
    In the internet cafe
    if your name is shcutz and you are a dumb piece of shit who thinks he owned people even though he phails and should go fuck himself up the arse with a vibrator-ay
    in a hurr-ay.

  12. it is awkward to be pecked
    by many silly long-necked
    giraffes with a bowler hat
    drinking coffee while stroking a cat

  13. Yeah, apart from the whole “all lines must rhyme” bit.


    mother fuckers

  15. It is awkward to be hit
    in the zit
    by a wit
    in a pit

  16. It is awkward to be
    shut the fuck up.

  17. ZOMG

  18. It is awkward to be jacking me off
    in the house of The Hoff
    by a whore with a cough
    in a, dammit I’m sof’

  19. it is awkward to be yanked
    in the bank
    by a skank
    in a tank (top)

  20. It is awkward to be maced
    in the face
    by a band member from Ace of Bass
    in a handicapped parking space.

  21. It is awkward to be sane
    in the rain
    by a David Blaine
    in a box made of glass panes

  22. HA HA HA!!! Great retort to all those women’s self-defense classes that basically only teach various ways of kicking a man in the junk or how to feign interest in his coerced sexual advances and then gouging him in the eyes. Not that women shouldn’t take self-defense classes; I feel quite the opposite. I’ll tell ya, if I ever have a daughter I’m going to make sure she knows every way known to disable a man twice her size and strength. 🙂

  23. And by the way, good job keeping the comment sections relevant to the post ya f***ing retards. Go hang out on the random board of 4chan if you have ADHD and just can’t stay on topic… bastards.

  24. random 4chan has been down for a while

  25. this gave me a massive hardon

  26. i so didnt even notice the guy was in a thong until i read someone laughing about it.. lol fuck..

  27. It is awkward to be an orange

  28. I hate to be crude, but the technical term for the first maneuver is “Cunt Punt”

  29. tipsy – Your comment is an absolute WIN. =D
    And [email protected] doug; very clever.

  30. He gave that C*NT a good solid PUNT! 😀

  31. It is awkward to be maced
    in the face
    by a band member from Ace of Bass
    in a handicapped parking space.


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