If You Believe There is No God…


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  1. Salix

    Hmmm, this doesn’t seem quite right. If it turned out that a god who is particularly shy and has a thing for atheists exists, woot for us!

  2. biff

    If you Believe in god, you better be wrong, cuz otherwise yer gonna burn in hell… but that’s not gonna happen, ‘cuz there’s no god, and no hell.

  3. kevin

    the rest of the message is just “understood”. its the true message of christianity. no matter what kind of person you are…..”IF YOU DOUBT THE EXISTENCE OF GOD OR OF GOD’S “UNCONDITIONAL” LOVE, HE WILL BURN AND TORTURE YOU FOREVER”….MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    thats why the people most likely to support torture in interrogation are xtians…. they think.. hey.. my deity would do it…why shouldnt we?….one republican senator even said it… jesus would support it.

    can any truly sane person really worship a deity that would punish US for its mistake….. of not making us perfect in the first place?

    deity worship is delusional.

  4. Korinthian

    Oh come on. Pascal’s Wager again?

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