iPhone vs a Stone

Just a simple comparison

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  1. haha.
    makes perfect sense.

  2. Whoever wrote this is possibly the most ignorant person I’ve had to come in contact with. Good job with lowering your IQ to that of a two year old

  3. Totally right.
    Because modern society kinda sucks a lot 🙂


  4. Great! Love the iPhone design, but I’ll never get one. Apple always seems to hamstring useful services in the interest of great design. I guess it’s all about whether you want a phone or a fashion accessory.

  5. toucher, you’re just mad because apple sucks, and this is just evidence to that. you just wish it wasn’t true. too bad, and what exactly s the iq of a two year old? don’t know? how do you that this person has an iq equal to that? what about pointing out the lack of awesomeness makes them ignorant? technically you have never come in contact with this person

  6. Toucher, your IQ does not change. Your IQ is a measurement of your ability to learn. And you call this guy ignorant…

  7. i just took a dump that honest to god smelled like cat shit – and i havent eaten cat food since 1991. i’m quite concerned about this, cause last time my boyfriend was kissing me, he pat me a few times on my lower back and i jacked my ass up in the air like i was in heat. am i turning into a kitten?

  8. WTF?

  9. This isn’t yahoo answers susan, troll else where.

    and yes, toucher is an idiot an average two year old and an average man have the same iq.

  10. Thank you Susan, you just made my day. Possibly week.

  11. Yes. The cure for this rare but deadly disease is to not eat any cheeseburgers for the rest of your life. Hopefully there’s still time to stop it for you.

  12. That’s how most fanboys manage to make it look like they’re winning.

  13. @Susan.


  14. When you can’t argue the point you attack the other person directly. Hell I learned that in debate in high school. It’s only effective when trying to prove your point to idiots or republicans.

  15. Actually your IQ does change, its a measure of your mental age compared to your physical age, but a two year old could still have a high IQ since its physical age is so low. So its still a stupid statement.

  16. A stone is only from 40,000 BC? Really? Maybe a few more science classes would have been beneficial.

  17. I don’t know about you guys and what phone you are curently using, but I’ve got an Iphone and it pretty much fits my every need. Ofcourse it’s a bit expensive but it does live up to it, or atleast thats what I think.

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