Oh This Is Why Detroit Sucks


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    About Granholm: When is this Socialist money grubbing retard going to be out of office? She couldn’t manage a gray hound bus station let alone the state of Michigan.

    Way to go Michiganders…voting for image and no substance gets you what you got ….NO JOBS, A SOCIALIST GOVERNOR AND HIGH TAX RATES….Oh and did I mention NO JOBS. The states going to look like Detroit (it is ran the same way you know) as long as you keep voting in Democrats. All Democrats know how to do is spend your hard earned money.

    I grew up in Michigan and I have to say that the people who live in the great state are some of the most politically ignorant and miss informed people on the face of the planet. HEY!!! Maybe the next Gov. candidate will be hot looking and you can vote her in …….she will probably be a communist but hell she will be sexy right!!!! LMAO……….

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