Prayer vs. Getting Off Your Knees and Actually Doing Something

what not to do

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  1. Michael

    Obvious you know nothing or prayer and what it entails. Does prayer always require “getting something?” Prayer is two way communication with our Heavenly Father.
    Next time have some sense of what you want to debate before you make a way one trial of conversing on prayer.

  2. Andy F

    Obviously you know nothing about humorous charts

  3. JTK

    If prayer worked, then we would see people of that religion getting in fewer car accidents, not catching STD’s as often, suffering fewer strokes and heart attacks, and countless other similar things.. and that isn’t happening. So either nobody is praying to the right god, or there are no gods.

  4. GMNightmare

    Or prayer never does squat and it never gives something, which makes the chart, huh, spot on, even by your absolutely pathetic and contradictory standards Michael.

    Oh, and while I agree 100% with the prayer side, I’m afraid depending on the problem, it could be quick, easy, free, it may even absolve responsibility… Of course people would still pick the prayer even though then it would be completely one sided.

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