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  1. Dweeb is just s quality word.

  2. I’ve argued much the same as this for many years, basically that the Geek is the top of the food chain as far as this subset is concerned, because he exhibits intelligence along with the interests, but is comfortable in social situations. The Nerd has some social unkemptness and ineptitude going on, and the Dork has many of the same problems as the Nerd but lacks the ability and intelligence.

    When I was in high school and we’d play games in the computer lab, one guy always used “Vader” as his screen name. He also usually ended the map with negative frags (killed himself more than he killed others), and when we were doing something like playing with Slackware he’d come over doe-eyed to look at what we were up to, but clearly didn’t understand. He was the epitome of Dork; his hair was greasy, he wore plain white short sleeve button down collared shirts that usually had stains, and he couldn’t socially interact with anyone outside of this subset. If memory serves, his e-mail address ended in too.

    I’m glad that I was a Nerd to proto-Geek back then, and make it all of the way to Geekdom now.

  3. LOL this is so true !!

  4. Guess that makes me a dork then. Go figure.

  5. I’m not sure I think there has to be an overlap for these definitions. Nerd implies intelligence and one who enjoys learning, but doesn’t have to include social ineptitude. Geek is definitely an obsessive (music geek, video game geek, literature geek, etc.) but doesn’t necessarily imply intelligence, simply single-mindedness. Both dweeb and dork definitely imply social awkwardness, but neither imply obsession or intelligence in my mind.

  6. It’s for fun. don’t over analyze it 🙂

  7. TWX, ur a dork

  8. twx, you’re a virgin aren’t you

  9. I pwned you twx!!!

  10. Riaku, I’ve never understood people who imply that one shouldn’t over-analyze things because they’re “for fun”. Over-analyzing IS what I do for fun…

  11. im a dweeb 😛

  12. Marina: Agreed, though that is most likely the source of my social ineptitude.

  13. Anyone talking about over-analyzing….calm down people. You have the right to over-analyze, it apparently is just a buzzkill for everyone else when someone over-analyzes something OBVIOUSLY not meant to be over-analyzed. Its a simple chart with no meaning. Whats there to be read into this other than someone had five minutes on their hands and wanted to create a nerd chart.

  14. Wait a minute, when you add all of the secondary colors of light, you should get white! Anyone who claims to know about nerds should know this!

  15. Light does what you said, yes, but colors mix together in the opposite way. Remember finger painting? Red+blue=…?

  16. whew, guess i’m just an art-fag programmer…. thank >deity< nah… being a geek is cool! NERDY SOUTH, baby!

  17. TWX has clearly drifted toward the dork category – i would judge failing to realise that such a long self-inflated tirade near the top of a comment thread is bound to lead to flaming as social ineptitude.

    Oh, and the stains were because only losers dressed smart for school.

  18. no need to argue because all of these types are part of a sub class of fags

  19. yo that was offesensive to alot of people. i demand contrition!

  20. Age of the geek, baby!

  21. Oooooh! Cool

  22. Now I am not sure if my husband is a dweeb or a nerd. I have to look into how obsessive he is.

  23. Just so that I don’t seem like a bitch, I am definitely a nerd, but what is a nerd on PMS?

  24. JB:
    Just so that I don’t seem like a bitch, I am definitely a nerd, but what is a nerd on PMS?

    A bitch who knows everything?

  25. I agree with this chart but I’ve seen quite a few geeks that were far more disturbing than any dorks. The problem with geeks is that they have confidence in what they are doing hence the lack of social ineptitude which makes knowing them a very disturbing affair as you learn much more than you’d prefer. Dorky people on the other hand are corny and amusing at times and great fun to poke fun at.

  26. Wow, even Wikipedia supports this: Dork. Often confused with nerd and geek, but does not imply the same intelligence level.

  27. JS: Wow, even Wikipedia supports this: Dork. Often confused with nerd and geek, but does not imply the same intelligence level.

    Dude, wikipedia is made be geeks and nerds of course they want to define it I HATE being associated with dorks.

  28. I’m in between a geek and a nerd.

  29. With empty hand no man should hawks allure.

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