This is Why You Don’t Add Your Boss on Facebook

dont add your boss on facebook

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  1. Anon

    This happened where my mum works, love that its already doing the rounds on the internet

  2. Fill

    Yikes, that’s pretty bad. I can imagine that happening a lot, though.

    A friend of mine just lost a raise and an improved severance package simply because he posted on FB that he was thinking about moving to another part of the country (implying that he might be quitting his job soon). Some ‘buddy’ of his forwarded that along to management and they pulled the rug out from under him.

    On the flip-side, my boss (different company) follows the ‘Tweets’ and blogs of workers and freelancers we hire (like this guy, he was invited to) and shakes his head at the occasional foot-in-mouth action. So, I can see both sides.

    Be careful what you put in writing on the web that might relate to work!

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