Which Cell Phone Has The Best Vibrate?


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  1. Jabroney

    So? what’s the answer?

  2. GFYM

    The answer is:
    Go buy youself a sex toy with vibrator, because your ass/pussy don’t pick up the phone anyway.

  3. alex

    Why would he/she want a sex toy. They asked for a phone.

  4. Richard

    The Samsung Juke. I would guess. Tiny little phone XD

  5. fredrick

    i would suggest the samsung dildo or the apple’s new iVag

  6. mike

    your a fag

  7. Neal

    Mike you’re a fag. For being a complete douche.

  8. Luke

    Lol alex is a fool

  9. Lore Seagrave

    Cool I love your article I though I would articulate Ive been a telephone sex person for a long time and love the line of work you can find me at This Site. Im constantly connected there and would like nothing more to delight and taunt.. Keep up the posts I love talking about this stuff.

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