I Wish My Drawings Would Come To Life…


  • katie

    Oh my..

  • PETA

    That would be funny if the drawing were of anything but a dog. I’m going to go hug my puppy now.

  • Scotty

    Bahahahah That’s Fantastic!

  • http://ryunoohi.deviantart.com/ Rocket

    This is why you don’t draw things that escape into the margins. <_<o Plan ahead, & draw within the constraints of your canvas.

    Also: PETA, lighten up. This is meant as sarcasm playing off of childish innocence. Kids are stupid, ergo they wish for things without noting the ramifications.


    come on PETA. it a frickin CARTOON!!!! i thought it was brilliant, me being an animal lover and an artist. btw, god put animals on this planet for our enjoyment, and some of that enjoyment is for food. so be healthy, eat what you were designed to. eat meat. its tastey! (also, wild game tht i shoot myself have very happy not-abused-by-humans-lifes before i shoot then painlessly in the skull and they die in a split second) 🙂

  • DrPhil

    Hey PETA, stop exploiting women in your ads you bunch of hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Savanna

    It would have been funny if I hadnt seen the puppy crying… lol

  • http://www.4chan.org lulz

    Looks like you guiz got trolled.

  • gigglek

    it would have been funny if the dog was smiling like in the pic LOL
    well, more creepy than funny..

  • stephanie

    this is so wrong!

  • Lucy

    its funny but sad at the same time hahaha

  • tracey


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