Your Mom + Me = Best Tattoo Ever

your mom and me tattoo

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  1. Just proves you don’t have to pass an IQ test to be tattooed or tattoo others. Also…whats wrong with that dude’s skin? Looks like he’s growing some kind of fungus under that tattoo.

  2. yeah but that chick is balled…you fail

  3. Kamikaze Goldfish, you fail for not recognising basic human physiology. Those are hair follicles, they are red because he recently shaved the skin area. Most likely for that tattoo in fact.

    SuicideBomber, you also fail, for not knowing how to spell “bald”, for not recognising curly hair when you see it, and for thinking that a bald human head truly looks like that.

    That is all.

  4. SuicideBomber: yeah but that chick is balled…you fail

    can’t even spell bald right! you fail

  5. Well, if she really is “balled” then that could be considered a pretty big failure as well. She’d likely also be penis-ed, and thus actually your dad…

  6. Really does any of us reckon that the credit standing downgrade will press our politicians into suitable action for once?

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