People Who Hate Michael Jackson

rip mj fo life

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  1. Marianne

    What the fuck is this Michael Jackson was loved a lot more than this shit shows !

  2. david

    i cant beleive how many people are upset about mickle jacksons death. its crazy he deserved it for all the little boys hes raped then payed off not to talk i dont care if he was a ” great ” singer. in my opinion he sounded like a girl and his music sucks it jus shows how queer he was. i mean seriously who names there ranch never never ranch or his theme park never never land. i mean seriously what grown man in his right mind would do that. and also im sick and tired of hearing people say oh he jus never grew up. bull shit. he was a grown man for god sakes that liked little boys and got tried for it several times for underage rape and jus meraculously got found not guilt, its a lil something called money and if you got alot of it then you have power on alot of sorry i jus think its wrong that he did that no matter how famous he was, or is. im sick and tired of hearing bout him. we dont still hear bout that one famous lady that died right before him do we. NO!!!!!!! so why are we still hearing bout someone or something i should say that not a whole lot of people cared about in the first place.

  3. Joanne Trang

    who the FUCK names their child ”blanket”?

  4. SticktheFigure

    Hey david, Get your facts straight. The person who claimed MJ raped him admitted he did it just to get money. So how about you take your little fit, calm down, and then have a nice, big glass of SHUT THE FUCK UP! DAMN STRAIGHT, SON!

  5. Kevin

    I Normally do not post in Blogs but your blog impelled me to, awesome work..

  6. Jen

    i love how people are still talking about him..slander or not, it just means that people still care enough to waste their time posting and commenting. If you don’t care, why bother?. To prove us wrong? You won’t, so shutup.

  7. im am so sick of you fucking haters. this man is dead because of people like you. he wanted to impress you, he died trying. michael only wanted the world to love him for he was, his feeling came out in all his songs. he had feelings too you know? he wouldnt of did that damn show and had soo much stress doing it because you little fuckers had to run your mouths. BITCHES GO TO HELL. okay? Read it and weep. LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE!!!!!

  8. dude wat

    “this man is dead because of people like you”
    implying that micheal jackson haters killed him?

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