Winning The Lottery Reno 911


The Reno 911 crew thinks they win the lottery.

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  1. Ray Quigley

    Silkence is golden!

  2. Stephanie M

    I agree with the poster above yes, silence IS golden!!
    This is the BEST Reno 911 skit ever! If I’m ever feeling down or just want to have a good laugh, I play this clip. Thank you for posting this with all the dialogue as it is! Every other posting has all the words bleeped out, which is lame bc the exact dialogue is necessary in this skit.

  3. Pascal

    Thank you! Couldn’t find the full one with all the “real” words. Love this skit! Makes me laugh every single time. I’ve been sharing the laughter others.

  4. Bobby Kotick

    “…because I willed it to happen!” LOL

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